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ResMate is your next-generation virtual leasing assistant

ResMate AI leasing assistant responds to every email, web chat, text, phone, Facebook Messenger, and ILS lead immediately. It answers questions, schedules tours, and follows up afterwards via email or text. This gives prospects instant answers and accelerates the leasing process by up to 50%.

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resident & prospect experience

instantly Engage with prospects on any channel

ResMate AI Leasing Assistant is available 24/7 to answer prospect questions & schedule tours.

Enhance resident communication & boost retention

Answer property-specific questions from residents around the clock with our Resident Chatbot.

To send a message to Resident Bot, type ‘Resident’, or select ‘Current Residents’ in the top right corner of the chat window.

Simplify amenity booking & event management

Boost staff efficiency (and renewals) with simplified amenity & event management.

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includes built-in Crm

Did you know ResMate powers multifamily’s only AI-first CRM?

The Smart Leasing Platform utilizes industry-leading AI technology (that’s ResMate!) to produce data-driven insights, automates 95% of repetitive workflows, and improve conversions.


Access more features & better analytics with the Respage platform

Future-proof your leasing, marketing & operations technology with the power of AI. Our platform works to improve the leasing experience from lead generation to resident renewal. Plus, our bundled pricing can help you save up to 50% on your entire marketing & AI leasing tech stack.